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InHealth Team Joins NM Talks Healthcare Podcast

May 14, 2024

Elevate your Management Services Organization with a Value-Based Enterprise

InHealth Advisors' Co-Founders and Partners, Luis Argueso and Jim Carr, recently joined the NM Talks Healthcare podcast. On this episode, Luis and Jim joined Nelson Mullins partners Ed White and Mike Segal to discuss how value-based enterprises can be utilized to transform the management services organization - friendly PC structure that is commonly utilized by healthcare investors. During the episode, Mike, Ed, Luis, and Jim discussed a myriad of topics, including the following:

·         The concept of how a Value-Based Enterprise (“VBE”) can transform the relationship between a management services organization (“MSO”) and its friendly physician professional corporation (“PC”).

·         How to integrate a VBE into the MSO - friendly PC structure to help change the narrative surrounding non-physician participation in healthcare delivery.

·         How a VBE can create a low-risk regulatory environment in the MSO - friendly PC structure.

·         How new VBE revenue generation opportunities can enable an MSO to improve alignment with its physician providers and lessen reliance on restrictive covenants.

·         How creating new collaborative opportunities can lessen dependence on acquiring physician practices and open possibilities for partnering with hospitals.

Listen to the complete episode: Nelson Mullins - Elevate your Management Services Organization with a Value-Based Enterprise

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